• Ben Williamson
    Ben Williamson

    Hi guys,

    I just noticed your project, and I thought you might be interested in something I've been working occasionally.  The ARMulator is a simulator for the ARM architecture, and it's part of GDB.  I added simulation of the ARM7110, which is in the Psion 5 which runs Linux.  So now you can boot Linux in a virtual ARM system on your desktop.  And because it runs inside GDB, you can set breakpoints in all kinds of bizarre places, like the page fault handler for example.  :)

    Web page with more info:

    The next release will include a bugfix for the kernel panic that was getting in the way of useful sessions.  Let me know if you're in a hurry to try it out, and I'll mail you the fix.


    - Ben.  <>

    • Jeff Dike
      Jeff Dike

      That's pretty cool.

      BTW, there's a similar project doing a user-space i386 emulator at


      • There is also <a href="">Bochs</a>, a commercial :-( i386 emulator, but you can "evaluate" it, and it is open-source; you just can't use it after ~30 days. There are some promising things under development for this project, like converting i386 instructions into native instructions to boost speed. Even on an x86 processor (my PIII-450), the pentium emulator took over an hour to install Windows 95 from the win95 directory of the CD media copied to its virtual hard drive. I think that once the real-time instruction conversion is finished it will be much faster.


        • Dang link. . I'm new to this SourceForge stuff.

        • From Slashdot: "Posted by Hemos on Wednesday March 22, @06:50PM

          from the good-things-are-happening dept.
          Direct from the mouth of Gael Duval, we've gotten word that MandrakeSoft (Yes, the folks who make Mandrake-Linux. No, it has nothing to do with Mandrake of Enlightenment fame. ) have purchased Bochs and hired Kevin Lawton. Now that Bochs is LGPLed, the Plex86 development can be speed up as well."