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USeq / News: Recent posts

USeq is now built using ant.

This is a big improvement over the old application. Tim Mosbruger's also added build targets for deploying to remote servers.

Posted by David Nix 2013-01-11

USeq now has a GUI!

Afraid of the command line? No problem! Give the GUI_ClickMe.jar a try. It wraps a point, click, and drag style GUI around the USeq (and TiMAT2) command line applications. Allows job queuing, saves results, and parameters.

Posted by David Nix 2009-07-09

USeq takes 1st and 2nd place in Community Challenge

A community challenge was recently held to benchmark the state of the art in chIP-seq detection packages. USeq took 1st in the False Discovery Rate estimation and 2nd the False vs. True positive discrimination categories! See for details.

Posted by David Nix 2009-05-03

USeq is published

A description of the statistics and comparison of methods used in USeq is now published, see Nix DA, Courdy SJ, Boucher KM: Empirical methods for controlling false positives and estimating confidence in chIP-seq peaks. BMC Bioinformatics. 2008 Dec 5;9(1):523.

Posted by David Nix 2009-01-09

Initial release of USeq

USeq is now launched. First supported application, chIP-seq with a robust empirical FDR estimation.

Posted by David Nix 2008-05-01