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USE: UML-based Specification Environment / News: Recent posts

USE Release 4.1.0 Featuring Command Name Changes

Download USE: UML-based Specification Environment

Major functional changes include:

  • Renamed some commands. The functionality remains the same and help files have been adjusted accordingly. The old commands are still supported but print a warning, that they are deprecated. The support for the old commands will be dropped in version 4.2 of USE. (Note the addition of the - sign)
    • gen load has become constraints -load
    • gen unload has become constraints -unload
    • gen loaded has become constraints -loaded
    • gen flags has become constraints -flags
  • Added option for aliases for Plugin API Shell commands.
  • Improved handling of relative paths across all file handling commands.
  • Print model statistics to the Shell when opening a USE specification on it.... read more
Posted by Frank 2015-04-14

Major USE release 4.0.0

Download USE: UML-based Specification Environment

Major functional changes include:

  • Support of UML protocol state machines (check out a quick introduction in our wiki)
  • Initialization of attributes
  • Derived properties (attributes and association ends)
  • Due to changes in the type system support for Association.allInstances() was added, resulting in all links of that association
  • PDF export for diagram views
  • Usability improvements; amongst others:
    • Reload the last opened specification from the toolbar
    • Recently opened files
    • reopen command on the shell to quickly reopen any of the last 10 files... read more
Posted by Frank 2015-02-12

New USE version and New Model Validator Plugin

* USE version 3.0.5 is a bugfix release with several internal improvements.

* The USE Model Validator plugin has been released in version 1.0.

Posted by mkuhlmann 2013-02-28

New USE version 3.0.3!

* [SOIL] Explicit variable declaration is now default in operations.
Use 'declare var1 : type1, var2 : type2, ...;' after 'begin'.
The interactive mode on the command line stays implicitly typed.
The old behavior (implicit typing in operations) can be activated using the -implicitTypes switch.
See examples/soil.

* [OCL] Fixed wrong handling of undefined for operations append/prepend
on Sequence and OrderedSet

Posted by Fabian Buettner 2012-04-12

New USE version 3.0.2!

* [ASSL] Fixed bug in barrier statement

* [ASSL] Automatic calculation of barriers. Can be suppressed by using
the option -nb (no barriers) for gen start

* [ASSL] New Try-statement Try(Collection(Class), AttributeName, Sequence(Value)).

* [GUI] USE now saves a "default" Layout for the class diagram for a model.

* [GUI] Fixed object properties view to allow to set more then one attribute
at once.... read more

Posted by Lars Hamann 2012-02-02

USE 3.0.1 is out!

The main changes:

* [OCL] Added support for the closure operation introduced with OCL 2.3.

* [ASSL] New barrier statement to force backtracking if the invariant
or the expression specified by the barrier is false. The statement
can be used with an invariant name:
or with an boolean OCL expression:
Barrier([Person.allInstances()->isUnique(name)]); ... read more

Posted by Lars Hamann 2011-10-20

USE 3.0.0 has been released!

Main improvements in 3.0.0:
- Integration of SOIL (Simple OCL-based Imperative Language)
- New features in Diagrams (owner of elements are highlighted, move selected items with arrow key, ...)
- ASSL now supports association classes
- Try command of the Generator improved
- Qualified association ends
- ...

For details have a look into the file NEWS shipped with USE.

Posted by Lars Hamann 2011-09-27

USE 2.6.2 released!

Again, just a small bugfix release for the new show/hide/crop features of the object diagrams.

Posted by Lars Hamann 2010-11-02

USE 2.6.1 released!

This time, just a small change to the new feature "OCL Selection" in object diagrams. Now it is possible to show, hide and crop sets of objects which have OclAny as their common supertype.

You just need this version, if you are using this feature.

Posted by Lars Hamann 2010-10-29

USE 2.6.0 released!

The main improvements in this release are:
- New PlugIn architecture
- Cycle and sharing detection for aggregations and compositions
- Standard operations introduced with OCL 2.2 are supported
- File references in command files can now be specified with realative names

Posted by Lars Hamann 2010-10-27

USE 2.5.0 released!

The new Version can now be downloaded. It contains a lot of improvements and fixes. See MantisBT under Hosted Apps for details.

IMPORTANT: Java 1.6 is now required.

Posted by Lars Hamann 2009-06-15