Can not run use

  • Do Thi Phuong
    Do Thi Phuong

    I download D:\use-2.4.0 and save it in my computer. Then I run use batch in bin folder. But it can not be run. Here's the message:

    -cp: illegal argument
    usage: java  class

    where options include:
        -help             print out this message
        -version          print out the build version
        -v -verbose       turn on verbose mode
        -debug            enable remote JAVA debugging
        -noasyncgc        don't allow asynchronous garbage collection
        -verbosegc        print a message when garbage collection occurs
        -noclassgc        disable class garbage collection
        -ss<number>       set the maximum native stack size for any thread
        -oss<number>      set the maximum Java stack size for any thread
        -ms<number>       set the initial Java heap size
        -mx<number>       set the maximum Java heap size
        -classpath <directories separated by semicolons>
                          list directories in which to look for classes
        -prof    output profiling data to .\ or .\&lt;file>
        -verify           verify all classes when read in
        -verifyremote     verify classes read in over the network
        -noverify         do not verify any class
        -nojit            disable JIT compiler

    Please help me to run use. Thanks so much.

  • Lars Hamann
    Lars Hamann

    Can you please provide more information about your configuration?
    Espacially the java version (in the command line: java -version) would be usefull.