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How to Build "usbsnoop.sys" & "usbsnpys.sys"

  • rob

    this the contents of the build_env.txt file I hope to add to the CVS soon

    Steps I took to create a build environment allowing me to change SnoopyPro, it is quite possible to change many factors here but YMMV.
    I did all this in a VMWare session but the process should be identical.

    Windows 2000 Proffesional - standard W2k should be fine
    Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise - only need Visual C++
    Windows 2000 DDK (Build 2195) - installed to C:\NTDDK - can not be later versions

    1: unzip source code into C:\SnoopyProSrc
    2: launch VC++ and load the C:\SnoopyProSrc\USnoopy.dsw workspace file
    you can Click Cancel and No to all the VSS messages.
    3: under Project/Settings with all components selected goto C/C++ and select Preprocessor, add ",C:\NTDDK\inc" to the "Additonal include directories"
    Then on the Link tab Input add "C:\NTDDK\libchk\i386" to the "Object/library modules:"
    4: copy the Debug folders so there is a Release folder in
    C:\SnoopyProSrc\USBSnoop\ C:\SnoopyProSrc\USBSnpys\ C:\SnoopyProSrc\USBSnpyV\ 5: Build the exe

    Windows 2000 DDK (Build 2195) can be found in the MSDN CD collection or requested directly from Microsoft