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  • Mnirr

    hello all, i'm setting up usbip on a debian lenny pc to share my usb devices to a windows xp virtual machine running under vmware exsi.  i can get the program daemon to start, and i can export the devices manually, and connect them manually on the client and it works fine.  however i would like to set it up to automatically start on boot and export all the devices since i'm using all the attached usb devices on the VM.  I've created an init script to start the daemon on boot but i cannot get the "-allusbip" function to work, the program just reacts like it's not valid switch and shows the help.  in windows it does the same thing when i use the "-attachall " switch.

    I don't know if i'm just doing something wrong or if this functionality was taken out, or hasn't been implemented yet, but it would be tremendously useful.  if the program doesn't support this i will end up creating a script the iterates through the parseable list to export all the usb devices.  this is easily done in linux, but more of a pain to do in windows to attach the devices

    any guidance or advice is appreciated


  • Nikhil Ganage
    Nikhil Ganage

    Hello mnirr,

    Can you please help me to attach usb device on Ubuntu client on vmware. Or atleast Can you please tell what changes you made to vmware settings of guest OS???