Using Tarantula bot in UDK release

  • Hi,

    I notice that the Tarantula robot is not listed in UDKUSAR.ini. Is the list of the robots there a complete list of all the robots that can be used in the UDK release? I would like to use the Tarantula robot (as it is the closest robot to one that we are using in our project NIFTi

    If it is not in the UDK release, would I have to create it from scratch? Can I import it from a previous release? I can see from past posts that creating a robot involves creating meshes and linking them together. This post   is useful. Would it be possible for me to get the meshes from a previous release (UT2004) and bring them to the current release? Is it ill-advised?

    The wiki page for wheeled robots is only tagged as UT2004. I suppose that means that the page is not complete yet, and the wheeled robots for UDK release havent been listed yet? I did notice that the wiki site is under construction, so this is understandable.