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Iridium UI changes '.' to ','

  • Damjan Miklic
    Damjan Miklic


    I have noticed that Iridium UI in normal (non-Raw) mode changes '.' (fullstop) to ',' (comma), which results in robots being spawned at incorrect positions etc. Has anybody else experienced the same behavio?


  • Hi,
    Iridium originally used the American number standard (i.e. 1,234.56). However, on a previous post someone complained that their numbers (i.e. 1.234,56)  were not being interpreted correctly. He added a regional encoding to the java string parser that automatically changes the number format based on your region. So, it would change 1.23 to 1,23 if you were in a region where your "normal" number encoding is different from the American standard.

    Could this be the problem?

  • Damjan Miklic
    Damjan Miklic

    Is it really necessary for Iridium to manipulate the number formats? USARSim requires '.' as the decimal sign, and ',' as a delimiter for argument lists. Wouldn't it be simpler to require users to input data in this form, so Iridium would just literally "forward" the symbols entered in the dialog boxes to the command string. The same thing that's happening in RAW mode right now. Personally, this is the behavior I'd expect as a user. Or am I missing something?

  • As this is a community developed infrastructure, I would like to get additional people's opinions before we decide on how to move forward with this. Does anyone disagree with requiring '.' as the decimal sign? Does anyone else feel strongly about this?