Aerial Vehicle -- Helicopter

  • Chee Wei Hong
    Chee Wei Hong

    Hi all,

    I am currently playing with the usarbot -- AirRobot.
    So far, everything works well.

    I am trying to make changes on the airrobot and create a Helicopter model.

    The difference between AirRobot and Helicopter is that the propellers of the AirRobot are symmetrical while the Helicopter has only one propeller.
    When I start the simulation, the propeller starting to make a tilt on the Helicopter and it has a velocity to move even if I stop the Helicopter by setting all velocities to zero.

    My question is : How to make the propeller of Helicopter rotates without giving a tilt (pitch I guess) on the robot and make it fly like a normal AirRobot?

    So far I have read through AirRobot.uc, AerialVehicle.uc, PropellerJoint.uc
    But still have no clues in doing that.

    Can any expert giving a clue in how to make it works?