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You'll need a number of libraries to build it.  All are available

SDL: http://www.libsdl.org/download-1.2.php
Only the Runtime is truly necessary, but the devel extras are nice.

SDL_image: http://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_image/

Ogg Vorbis: http://www.xiph.org/downloads/
Theoretically optional, but necessary if you're using the 3DO music
or voices. You'll need libogg, libvorbis, and libvorbisfile.  The last
two are part of the Vorbis framework.


For SDL and SDL_image:
- Install the SDL and SDL_image frameworks in /Library/Frameworks as
  instructed in the files.  The SDL-devel extras go in their own
  place, as noted in the instructions.

Unzip the libogg and libvorbis archives somewhere convenient.

For libogg:
- Go to the macosx directory, open the xcodeproj.
- Open Project->Project Settings and set the Configuration to
  "Release".  Ensure the Architecture is set to "i386 ppc".
- If you are using XCode 3.2.1 (Snow Leopard), you will need to use
  GCC 4.0 instead of the default 4.2 (which will not work for the 10.4
  target).  Inside Project Settings, add the following User-Defined
  Settings via the gear menu at the bottom left:
  - GCC_VERSION_i386 = 4.0
  - GCC_VERSION_ppc  = 4.0
- Choose the "10.4 | Release" target and build.
- If there are no errors, the Ogg.framework file should have turned
  from red to black.  Control-click it, choose "reveal in finder".
- Copy Ogg.framework to /Library/Frameworks.

For libvorbis:
- Same procedure as libogg.

To build:
- Run ./build.sh in the sc2/ directory and choose your configuration
  options.  The only truly important one is to use Included MikMod
  instead of System MikMod.
- If the build fails because SDL_include.h has errors, run 

    ./build.sh uqm clean


    CFLAGS="-I/Library/Frameworks/SDL.framework/Headers" ./build.sh uqm config

  You'll need to set that CFLAGS in that manner each time you
  reconfig, but not each time you rebuild. (So, every time you clean,
  you'll need to reset that CFLAGS.)

- If it builds without errors (last line is LINK uqm or LINK
  uqm-debug), ./build.sh uqm install to build the .app.