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Refactoring is done

The new version is out (2.0) and it has its surprises. Most major of all I guess is that it is usable with the old httpclient and the new depending on the classes used to configure and instantiate the commands. Try looking at the web documentation (Develop->Web).

Posted by Nikolaos 2010-12-19

Last version before refactoring

The next version will be 1.9 and the last to be under lu.ng. In order to be able to put it in maven central I will change the domain to net.sf. most likely A lot of other changes will occur in order for the library to become something more and serve more adequately the purpose of checking urls over the internet.

Posted by Nikolaos 2010-07-08

New version deployed

Version 1.8 has been deployed and it corrects a configuration problem (among others). Since version 1.7 the deployment is done using the release:perform of maven which creates a "repository like" structure so, look for new jars inside the lu.ng.urlchecker folders

Posted by Nikolaos 2010-07-07

New version

A new version of the urlchecker is deployed. The new version improves the design and introduces a StandardContext. The old version's Context class has been abstracted in order to allow better extensions.
The project's site has been improved as well and further reports added.

Posted by Nikolaos 2010-05-13