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help with AT91SAM3N1

  • Dear all,
    i need to program the internal flash of this chip.

    I am trying trough a simple parallel cable. This is the result:

    jtag> cable EA253 ppdev /dev/parport0
    Initializing ppdev port /dev/parport0
    jtag> detect
    IR length: 4
    Chain length: 1
    Device Id: 01001011101000000000010001110111 (0x4BA00477)
      Manufacturer: ARM-CORTEXM3 (0x477)
      Part(0):      AT91SAM3N1A (0xBA00)
      Stepping:     0
      Filename:     /usr/share/urjtag/atmel/at91sam3n1/at91sam3n1_qfp48

    As first strange thing i am getting device id as 0x4BA00477, but from the manual i should get another "Atmel" coded.

    Trying to read the memory i get :

    jtag> readmem 0x40000 12
    error: illegal state: Bus missing

    Every help is very appreciated