Hi everyone!

This forum doesn't seem to be really active, I hope anyone will see and answer this message.
Otherwise, I'll try the mailing list!

I'm trying to use a DE1 board with a Cyclone II FPGA with urJTAG, on a windows XP environment.
I can use it thanks to the BHDL file provided by Altera.

However, it's almost working except that the stimulus i want to shift in the JTAG chain is 969 bits long while the script lines maximum length allowed is 100 characters…
When reading my 969 bits line, the program throws an error:

Line xx exceeds 100 characters, clipped.

Then an error appears because the bitline doesn't match the register length :-D
My question is then:
Is there anyway to change that maximum line length in a script or a trick to read multiple lines as a single one?

I tried to copy/paste my script directly in the console, but the path to my BSDL file is not recognized anymore and in the new path, the directory "Documents and settings" appears.
A syntax error is thrown because of the spaces in the path name.
Any ideas about how to bypass those problems?

Thank you for your help!