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Welcome to URG Network

The Hokuyo URG-Series sensors are accurate distance measurement sensors. The purpose of this site is to show how to set up the URG sensor, how to make program to acquire data, and how to make applications for URG sensor etc.



If you have any questions, ask in our Forum.


2014/09/10 : update URG library to ver.1.1.8 (serial port finding function made available from c++)
2014/09/08 : update image at wiki top page.
2014/08/27 : update URG library to ver.1.1.7 (use URG_SCAN_INFINITY instead of 0 at urg_start_measurement)
2014/07/17 : update URG library to ver.1.1.6 (fix compile error on mac)
2014/06/05 : update URG library to ver.1.1.5 (fix compile error on Linux)
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