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2015/05/07 : updated URG library to ver.1.1.9 (modified compile error on MinGW, availabled comment in English)
2014/09/10 : updated URG library to ver.1.1.8 (serial port finding function made available from c++)
2014/09/08 : updated image at wiki top page.
2014/08/27 : updated URG library to ver.1.1.7 (use URG_SCAN_INFINITY instead of 0 at urg_start_measurement)
2014/07/17 : updated URG library to ver.1.1.6 (modified compile error on mac)
2014/06/05 : updated URG library to ver.1.1.5 (modified compile error on Linux)
2014/05/28 : added Validation method of serial device
2014/05/19 : updated URG library to ver.1.1.4 (modification in sample)
2014/04/01 : added Link to URG Network Twitter account
2014/03/25 : added Java Samples
2014/03/24 : updated URG library to ver.1.1.3 (correspond to UST)
2014/02/07 : added Explanation of SCIP commands and Connection URG and embedded device
2013/12/09 : added Link to URG Programming guide
2013/09/04 : added History


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