a new update is available.

!!!!Please backup your database before running this update!!!!

  • Add new connector to run remote commands
  • Add licence files #FR3285112
  • Added scan for windows updates
  • Solved BUG 3378467 Missing essential PXE options, mistype in PXE menuentry
  • Solved BUG 3288811 add harddisk without replace mbr
  • Solved BUG 3288812 HDD string not given without replace mbr
  • Added nslookup and gethostbyaddr to find the hostname from the bootenvironment
  • Added ip searching from uranos to find the name with the help of an ip from the database
  • Removed old connectors from cli inventory profile
  • Solved FR 3378549 Use windows arp cache on an uranos host to find the asking host mac address
  • Solved BUG 3380867 Unable to delete group
  • Patch LVM for ubuntu 10.04 Patch#3428707
  • make the licence module more flexible
  • solved BUG #3441405 unattend.xml placement
  • solved BUG #3288839 replace mbr / partition disk -> add new option in partition config
  • solved FR #3441562 added more infos in pxe menu view
  • solved FR #3441021 FR #3439282 moved inventory profile to use fusioninventory - see docs for more information

  • Feel free to ask if you need help.

    Cheers Mario