#24 changing background colours


the students have already implemented being able to change the background colour of the backdrop and props bars (requested because sometimes it's difficult to see your props); there is now a colour picker in the stage edit screen that lets you do this.

when i looked at it, it occurred to me that people might also want to change other background colours (eg of the chat window),& previously people have asked about being able to change the entire background of the page (which is the white that you see when no backdrop is selected, & which also shows above & below the backdrop when your browser window is squished up).

it would be great if, at the colour picker, you could select from a list which backgrounds you wanted to change - & ideally be able to have different ones different colours, eg it might be easiest to have the backdrops bar a light colour & the props bar a dark colour or something like that.

a list of options & check boxes in the stage edit page is how i imagine this could work from an interface point of view.



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