#73 mysterious sound bug

speech (10)

the mysterious wierd sound noise happens almost at random - a horrible feedback/graunch sound instead of the avatar's speech. it seems to be certain phrases with certain voices, but it's very difficult to replicate.

apparently on the "rms_faster" voice it appears to be the / that causes it; however it happens on other voices without the / being in speech. we thought it might be the apostrophe but it's not that. we thought it might be particular users but it's not. we're not sure whether it happens on all voices or some. sometimes it happens a lot, sometimes it doesn't happen at all.

we will endeavour to monitor it closely ...


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    suzon has identified that the voice awb_cmu makes the horrible noise when you type "hehe!"

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    with voices clb_nitech, awb_nitech and rms_nitech saying a sentence ending in an h causes the horrible noise.

    however - one of the 080808 performances wants to use this bug in their show, so if you do get onto this before 080808, please let us know & can you leave one voice unfixed until after 080808. : )



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