U++ 2467 released

What is new in version 2467:

* [W]String got new variant of ReverseFind method.

* There is a new static method Ctrl::GetEventId to help identify individual
GUI events, intended for use in caching schemes.

* Update system was parametrised.
* Handling of active file type in FileSel was improved.
* Splitter now has WhenSplitFinish.

* Got support for fill patterns.

* Now has QTF designer.

* SysInfo: Added CPU temperature monitoring and improved battery status.
* Functions4U: Added new SVG color functions and doc.
* Controls4U: Added ActiveX controls (VLC and web browsing).
* MtAlt: Added support for fast 5-argument callbacks (copy and pick version).
* Form: Form core package, Editor and sample.
* Scatter: Added SetSequentialX and SetFastViewX.
* Docking: Bug fixes, some small feature additions.
* ExpandFrame/ExpanderCtrl: Fixes fopr horizontal alignment.
* AESStream: Added SHA2 functions.

Posted by Koldo 2010-06-09