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UpClient 5.0b8 Security Bugfix

5.0b8 is primarily a security update, it corrects bugs which under previous releases could be exploited locally to gain root access.

All beta 5 users of UpClient are advised to upgrade to 5.0b8.

Posted by Carsten Klapp 2003-05-27

New beta release coming soon

UpClient development has been temporarily on hold due to my R.L.E. (real-life-events).

Thank you to everyone who e-mailled various patches in for their' OS as well as bug reports over the past few months, you haven't been forgotten.

I hope to realease the next beta soon and update the website here as well (within a week or two).

Thanks for all your interest and patience, I never realiased how popular the UpClient would become but I'm thrilled nonetheless!... read more

Posted by Carsten Klapp 2003-04-11

UpClient 5.0b7 released

All users who have not yet updated to 5.0b6 are encouraged to update to UpClient 5.0b7. <https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=63012>

Corrects CPU usage & idle reporting not updating on Linux. Fixed build problems on BSD, Solaris & Irix. Full details available in the Changelog. <https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=128661>

Posted by Carsten Klapp 2002-12-18

UpClient Protocol 5 Beta

UpClient now supports the new UDP reporting protocol. We're calling this release 5.0 beta 1. We'd like it very much if you'd all download it and pound it into submission.

At this point, 5.0b1 has been compiled and seems to work beautifully on MacOS X, Linux and FreeBSD. It should also compile on AIX, BeOS, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Irix, Solaris, SunOS, Ultrix, UnixWare and perhaps even Windows NT (with a bit of luck).

Posted by Carsten Klapp 2002-09-23