Will there be a 64bit version?

  • Hi! I've been using this tool for more than a year and I found it very useful. However I got a few days ago a 64bit OS - yes... Vista :'( - and it seems awk.exe and env.exe are not working under this OS.
    I'm now pretty sure if there is another file which is not working under this architecture, but at a first glance it seems there are the only ones. Is there any way to recompile them to work under 64 bit  or at least to make another relase of UnxUtils?

    Thanks in advance!

    • lowella

      Take a look at the GnuWin32 project and see it has what you need:

      • I wasn't aware of that SF project. I'm taking a look at it right now and seems to be very interesting. Thanks for the info!

  • +1 to that! I just got a 64 bit Win7 laptop, and I'm struggling to get command-line stuff working :-(

    Gurus, please help!