zsh/sh failed to run on x64bit windows 2003

wayne chan
  • wayne chan
    wayne chan


    [ sorry this is a repost !!]

    i wonder if anyone were able to run zsh/sh
    from the unxutils pkg on windows 2003 server
    x64bit environment. While all external commands
    work (e.g. ls.exe, cat.exe df.exe etc..) but 
    the zsh.exe and sh.exe were failed to launch
    any of the ls, cat commands.. with "can't fork
    no more process" error. 

    The same unxutils were working fine on windows 
    2003 server 32bit env. If this is the problem
    i wonder if there is 64bit compiled binaries
    of the unxutils available.

    BTW, the 2 64/32 bits windows 2003 servers
    are both Sun's v20z boxes.


    Wayne Chan (wayne.chan@sun.com)