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Continuing Development

Don't worry, development is contuinuing.

New features and Bahamut 1.8 support are being worked on.
Look for faster, cleaner, and *much* less buggy unservices coming out in the next few months. Stop by irc.unirc.net #unservices and give us some suggestions or feedback!

Posted by Matt Robinson 2004-10-17

unServices 1.8

unServices 1.8 is due to be out soon. It's already running on unIRC, but i'm going to keep it running there for ahwhile to stress test it before releasing it to the public. This is a big update, and not everything that has been changed is in this listing.

Changes since 1.6:
1.8 (andor)
x. NickServ deals with fyle clients now (and gets rid of them almost immediatly)
x. Bahamut 1.3.6 support.
x. Langusized services (a big deal)
x. Database tables changed quite a bit...
x. Fixed a few OS crashing bugs...
x. Bugs with release/recover fixed.
x. Fewer database calls to services.
x. Split NOOP into two flags, NOOP & NOADD
. You won't be opped if you have NOOP set after you ID
. NOOP works properly
. NOADD prevents you from being added to access lists, and from being transfered channels
x. Founder directive in configuration means something now.
x. Fixed some sql-case sensitive stuff
x. Made more stuff configurable in unservices.conf

Posted by Matt Robinson 2004-01-05

unServices 1.6

unServices 1.6 should be posted tonite.
Changes include many bug fixes, some SQL optimizations, and a new service: QuoteServ who's name should be pretty self explanitory.

Posted by Matt Robinson 2003-12-17

unServices 1.51 Released

First public release.

Posted by Matt Robinson 2003-12-09