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April 2006 Development Update! - Status of 0.35 release

I am currently working on having all information displayed on the main window. The downlaod window had been removed, and I am currently implementing the status columns that you see in the screenshot labeled "Preview of 0.35". Once I complete that, I will release 0.35. There are some code changes that I need to do first, so you may have to wait until the end of May or June for the release.

Posted by BesideTheVoid 2006-04-26

UnrealDownload v0.3

Okay, today the UnrealDownload v0.3 Release went online!

This Version is quite old, but just to see what UnrealDownload is, and how it works. We hope to get in touch mit CVS as fast as possible, to get a Development Snapshot online. I can say that so lot of things have changed to UD in the CVS-Version, that we would glad to release it, but there are still to lot of bugs in there.

Posted by Georg Grabler 2002-07-28

UnrealDownload moved to sourceforge.net!

Today we moved UnrealDownload to sourceforge. We want to thank the sourceforge-team for the service for our Project!

We hope this all will increase the development of UnrealDownload, to get a better featured download manager soon ;)

Posted by Georg Grabler 2002-07-27