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#1 Reintroduce Chris Hughes' color addition

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Chris P. Ross

While I don't like the "defaults to off, use -C to get
color", I do like the addition of color.

The screenshot at:
does seem a bit *too* colorful to me, but the
3.5beta12.5 that I am running on some solaris 9
machines is more subtle than that. The "normal" CPU
utilization is white (rather than green) and the normal
memory utilization is also white for much larger values
than seem to turn yellow in that screenshot.

I figured I'd open an RFE here, in addition to the
discussion in the Forums you have running in sourceforge.

Thank you. Let me know if you would like any
assistance integrating his work, or other similar work.
I'd be happy to lend some coding/integration time, in
addition to testing. (Tho, you probabaly already have
a more variety test platform than I can offer, so...)



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    Color. Bleah. Unusable on a black-on-white screen.

    It's on my list of things to do. I will never use it, but
    others seem to like it. There are also a number of issues
    with his code, partly because the 3.5 codebase really wasn't
    designed with that sort of thing in mind.

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    This is in process for 3.6

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    This has been partly restored in 3.6alpha8. Color works
    again for load averages and cpu state percentages in a way
    that is fully compatible with Chris Hughes' modifications.
    Restoring color to the process display area will take
    longer, but should be in the final release of 3.6. Once it
    works in the process display area, it will be trivial to add
    it for memory line as well.