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UniWakka / News: Recent posts

UniWakka-0.5.3 Released

This release fixes some bugs and adds, thanks to Pooya Karimian, an antispam filter to block spam comments and modification.

Hope this is going to be the first release of a renewed development effort!
Have fun.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2006-06-24

OpenOffice2UniWakka-0.4 Released

We now support the new OASIS OpenDocument standard!
See README, CHANGES and INSTALL for more details.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2005-06-11

UniWakka-0.5.2 Released

This release fixes some bugs and improves latex mathematics support.
See CHANGES for details.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2005-06-11

UniWakka-0.5.1 Released

This is mainly a bugfix release.
See CHANGES for details.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-12-19

OpenOffice2UniWakka-0.3 Released

This release adds support for sub/supscript and linethrough.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-12-19

UniWakka-0.5.0 Released

This release brings you many new features and bug fixes.
Among the other things, the bibliographic import facility has been improved to support crossref and @string, the entry will now be imported even if some fields are not supported.
UniWakka now supports bibliographic styles via the {{bibliography style="harvard"}} action: so far only italian and harvard styles are available.
UniWakka can now display Chemical Markup Language 1.0 formatted files, via the {{cml url="filename"}}. The file, to be previously uploaded with the {{files}} action will be converted into svg. This requires php to have XSLT support with Sablotron and javascript support (at least for 3d chemical structures).
Strike-through (--linethrough--) and overline (++overline++ or ~~overline~~) are now supported.
A new action to include pages in pages has been added: {{include}}. This action supports a type="book" or type="toc" parameter. Included pages will be exported into latex or openoffice formats.
Page deletion (with the possibility to undelete) and an AdminUser have been implemented.
Thanks to Mark Winter, LaFambe, Ulf Martin and Marco Cova for suggestions, ideas and... code!
Have fun!

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-11-01

UniWakka-0.4.6 Released

This release fixes some non-critical bugs related to the JmolApplet.
Some css classes have been added.
<i> and <b> have been replaced with <em> and <strong>.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-10-18

UniWakka-0.4.5 Released

This release fixes some bugs and adds new features:
support for sub/supscript and support for chemistry with the Jmol java applet.
Thanks to Mark Winter, Egon L. Willighagen and Petter Murray-Rust for code, ideas and suggestions.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-10-16

OpenOffice2UniWakka-0.2 Released

New features have been added in this release:
- lists are now fully supported;
- support for indented paragraphs;
- support for links.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-10-13

OpenOffice2UniWakka Released

OpenOffice2UniWakka is an export filter for OpenOffice. It will let you use Writer to export your document in the UniWakka text format.

OpenOffice2UniWakka supports the following formatting:
- Headings from Level 1 to Level 5
- Footnotes
- Centered paragraph
- Bold, italics and underline
- Unordered and Numbered List from Level 1 to Level 6
- Tables (basic support)
- Citation (you can insert bibkeys with a special character style - see INSTALL for more information).

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-10-11

UniWakka-0.4.4 Released

This release fixes some bugs and introduces new features: a file upload action, the possibility to delete users from private wikis, support for Firefox's Live Bookmarks.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-10-10

UniWakka-0.4.3 Released

This release fixes a bug that prevented the import of some
bibliographic entries. More math latex symbols have been implemented.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-09-17

UniWakka-0.4.2 Released

This is a bugfix release. Fixed a bug that prevented importing bibtex files with non ascii characters, some bugs in the latex export and included support for more latex command for math.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-09-06

UniWakka-0.4.1 Released

This release brings you the possibility to insert mathematics in latex, ASCIIMathML and plain MathML formats. This result was achieved thanks to the ASCIIMathML by Peter Jipsen and its PHP port ASCIIMathPHP by Steven Chan.

Latex support is far from being complete. Please report bugs and suggestions to extend the latex support.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-09-03

UniWakka-0.4.0 Released

This release fixes some bugs and adds some configuration options:

* MathML can be desabled;

* MathML stylesheet are loaded only if needed;

* UniWakka now searches for needed php extensions;

* Added the possibility to edit existing Wikis' configurations.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-08-30

UniWakka-0.3.3 Released

This is mostly a bugfix release, with some code cleanup and tuning.

Configurations of wikis, apart the default one, are now stored in the database (in a table named sites).

A new configuration option has been added: Wikis can be private. In this case only registered users can edit them, and only the wikimaster can add new users.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-08-22

UniWakka-0.3.2 Released

UniWakka now supports WikiFarm installation, i.e. the possibility to
run multiple Wikis with just one installation of UniWakka. Refer to release notes for more details.

This release fixes also some bugs.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-08-19

UniWakka-0.3.1 Release Update

UniWakka-0.3.1 has been updated to UniWakka-0.3.1b to fix a stupid bug (not critical) that affected comments with no-ascii characters.

If you downloaded uniwakka-0.3.1.tar.gz, please grab uniwakka-0.3.1b.tar.gz and just copy the new files in the uniwakka installation directory. No reconfiguration is needed.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-08-18

UniWakka-0.3.1 Released

UniWakka can now export in OpenOffice format. Bibliography will be
exported too.

Moreover some bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-08-18

UniWakka-0.3.0 Released

This release enhances UniWakka with a bibliographic engine, that lets
you import/export bibtex files, and use latex-like citation in

A new action (latextexport) will let you export in latex a WikiPage
together with the relative bibtex file.

Starting from this release UniWakka switched to the GNU General Public

Refer to release notes and changes. Some more detail in the README.

Have Fun.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-08-15

UniWakka-0.2.1 Released

This is a bugfix release, with minor improvements.

Fixed some XHTML-1.1 validation errors, added favicon and an image to mark external links, and corrected a bug in the search function.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-08-08

UniWakka-0.2 Released

This is a bugfix release, with minor improvements.

UniWakka should run properly even without mod_rewrite. The installer will now write also the mathml stylesheet. This should fix some issues with Internet Explorer not finding a file needed for rendering mathml without plug-ins.

Please refer to the release notes and changes for more details.

Have fun!

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-08-04

UniWakka-0.1 Released

I'm glad to announce the first release of UniWakka.

UniWakka is a Wiki Engine derived from WakkaWiki. Light-weight, easy to install and to configure, its goal is to be collaborative authoring tool for scientific web content.

This release brings you MathML support, Table of Contents, Footnote, RDF Site Summary, Latex export, and much more.

Posted by Andrea Rossato 2004-08-02