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UniversalIndentGUI Version 1.2.0 released

Happy new year everybody!

Quite some time has passed since the last release. UniversalIndentGUI is still alive, but as development time is rare, not too many releases a year are expected.
So whats new with this version? Support for latest Artistic Style and Uncrustify has been implemented. Support for Visual Basic and Pl/Sql languages has been added. Some bug fixes and code improvements under the hood. For Linux the UiGUI will integrate into the application start menu properly now. Enjoy!

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2012-01-01

UniversalIndentGUI Version 1.1.0 released

With this release a logging function was introdurced. This should be helpful to catch some debug output and trace back problems. Especially calling some indenters causes trouble and without further information it is hard to reproduce the problem.
Also in this release the latest Uncrustify version is supported, the fonts for Mac OS X were corrected and the Mac OS X package is a real universal binary again.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2009-07-16

UniversalIndentGUI Version 1.0.2 released

Fixed a security issue that could add a vulnerability to the used temp directory on Unix based systems. As nearly in every release a new indenter found its way in. From now on Fortran is supported by using the indenter F90ppr.

Seems as if there are more people interested in a Notepad++ integration than I had thought. And even worse the plugin package was broken. Thats fixed now and the plugin was slightly improved. Feedback is welcome.... read more

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2009-02-12

UniversalIndentGUI Version 1.0.1 released

UniversalIndentGUI has grown up over time and includes already many features that makes in useful in a productive way. Thats why I decided to completely leave the beta state and also indicate this by a version number jump. So here is the first public release of the 1.x.x version. Say welcome to it!
Since the version 1.0.0 was only released for the Qt Centre programming contest, the publicity shall have some advantages of that: Added support for three more indenters and of course fixed some bugs.
And there is a novelty: UniversalIndetGUI as a plug in for Notepad++! But it is in an alpha state and still has some bugs. Let me know if you like it in general.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2008-10-20

UniversalIndentGUI delayed Mac OS X version released

There was a little problem executing the for this version added PHP beautifier phpstylist. Solved that and here is the release.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2008-05-30

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.8.2 released

As so often a new release and some new supported indenters. These are hindent, HTB and phpstylist. Also perltidy is now supported completely.
The created shell scripts were improved to handle complete directories. Via commandline a startup file can be set and Drag'n Drop has been implemented.
Also for those of you who do not know which indenter to choose for what programming language, the supported programming language is displayed behind each available indenter in the list.
Hope you enjoy the new version and it was worth to wait about two month for it!

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2008-05-27

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.8.1 released

With this release of UiGUI comes support for a new indenter and two more languages. Also contains some small changes and fixes.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2008-03-27

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.8.0 Beta released

The new version comes with support for three more indenters, that are JsDecoder, PerlTidy and ShellIndent. Along with support for JsDecoder comes an interface to be able to write any indenter in JavaScript code and use it with UiGUI, which calls it with its internal interpreter.
Another important new thing is that UiGUI now makes correct use of the predefined directories of multi user operating systems, where user settings are stored in the users home dir. Also UiGUI can run in a portable mode, where changes are only written to the local media, like an USB drive.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2008-01-17

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.7.1 Beta released (also MacOSX)

There are two big news coming with this version. First is that a MacOSX universal binary package is now available for download. It's been short tested on Leopard so more feedback is welcome.
At second a long needed update to the latest version of Uncrustify and Artistic Styler has been done. Enjoy your new good looking code.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-11-22

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.7.0 Beta released

Here comes a new version! Rather delayed but at least it is there. The time I have left to develop on UniversalIndentGUI is very small, so may be the releases will not come out too often. But the update functionality of UiGUI will inform you, if a new version is available. So go on and enable it, if not already done.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-11-11

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.6.1 Beta released

Some new features found its way into this new release. A detailed list og them can be found in the changelog.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-06-13

UniversalIndentGUI Anniversary Version 0.6.0 Beta

Yesterday one year ago the first version of UniversalIndentGui was released. So I would like to say thank you to anyone who has helped me with good critics, translation, writing an indenter or what ever. THANKS! And here is therefore a new release. Enjoy it!

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-06-03

UniversalIndentGui next release coming soon

Developing has speed up again and a new release can be expected soon. Refactoring the code architecture consumes more time than I thought. Good code needs time.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-05-30

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.5.1 Beta released

Another rounded up number: rechead revision 300. With this release some bugs concerning the new QScintilla edit box are fixed and a highlighter for D has been added. So no big steps, but keeping on going.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-03-21

UniversalIndentGUI 0.5.0 Beta released using QScintilla

Increasing functionality dramatic! ;-) Using QScintilla as editing component brings a lot of comfort with it. It has support for many programming and scripting languages and therefore different syntax highlightning, code folding and many more. This release of UniversalIndentGUI is a rather hot release, because originally I wanted to test it more before switching to the QScintilla-version as release version. But on the other hand I do no longer want to withhold it to the public. Hope you enjoy it and give feedback. The AMD64 and win32_installer releases of this version will delay a bit due to few time last days.
And by the way many thanks to Ben Gardner for including support for UniversalIndentGUI in Uncrustify (see link on the right) and his and also Nelson Tai's good feedbacks! Could need more guys like you.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-03-14

Vista support and development area

UniversalIndentGUI has been tested on Vista and runs perfect. At second, have a look at the website, there is a new area called "development". The planned milestones for uigui and their progress are shown there, with some extra info.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-03-06

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.4.2 Beta released

A New Version has been released with support for taiwan (chinese) language and a new indenter CSSTidy.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-02-25

Help translating UniversalIndentGUI

For anyone who is interested and enthusiastic to localize UniversalIndentGUI in his native language, a tool and an initialized translation file is available in the download section.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-02-14

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.4.1 Beta released

As proposed a new indenter has been added: Uncrustify! Give it a try and read the change log.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-02-11

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.4 Beta released

Well its been a bit quiet around my project for a while. Hope everyone had a good start into the new year.
So don't lets waste to many words: a new version is out! As always read the changelog for Details.
The next aim for UniversalIndentGUI is to add support for Uncrustify, which is promising indenter and also available here at SourceForge. And the feature request list has to shrink, so there is also some work to do.
So, let's go!

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2007-02-01

Subversion repository restructured

Changed the structure of the subversion repository to be compliant with the quasi standard of subversion repositories. If you want to check out the latest version still use the path https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/universalindent and then not the whole directory but only the trunk dir.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2006-09-06

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.3.1 Beta released

New weekly release with some latency. Missed the pre weekend release but however here it is: Version 0.3.1 beta. The only new thing is a program language selector. So if you are interested in translating the user interface or just want it in your language, leave me note.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2006-09-04

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.3 Beta released

So far, so good. The project has reached beta state and so most requested features are implemented. As allways the changelog shows you all the new things. If anyone finds bugs or annoying, curious behavior let me now to be able to fix it and get forward to a stable release. Thanks to all people that have shown interest in the project.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2006-08-25

Source code documentation for UniversalIndentGUI online

The with doxygen generated source code documentation is online. This will help any interested developers to understand the code. Have a look at http://universalindent.sourceforge.net/doc

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2006-08-22

UniversalIndentGUI Version 0.2.5 Alpha released (beta soon)

The weekend comes, a new release comes. With fixing some bugs and adding some of the missing features the state of UniversalIndentGUI is progressing to become beta soon. There are still feature requests that might be implemented until the beta version will be released. Please report any found errors to me.

Posted by Thomas Schweitzer 2006-08-11