How to enable Windows-1251 (Russian) encoding


  • Anonymous

    I'm now playing with UniversalIndentGUI and have found that it doesn't load/save files with Windows-1251 encoding. Some research showed that the program is fully capable of loading/saving files with this encoding, the only problem being that the name for it is not listed in the appropriate submenu! Developers, please add "Windows-1251" to the "Reopen file..."/"Save file As..." submenu!

    For those of you who desperately need the Windows-1251 (but don't need e.g. the Windows-1250) I meanwhile offer the following simple workaround:

    1) Open UniversalIndentGUI.exe in any hexadecimal editor.
    2) Find the character sequence "Windows-1250".
    3) Replace it with "Windows-1251".
    4) Save UniversalIndentGUI.exe.

    The "Reopen file..."/"Save file As..." submenu now has "Windows-1251" in it and the program now properly handles files with Windows-1251 encoding!


  • Currently I find no time for developing UiGUI. Sorry for this. But as it is Open Source may be someone is willing to make the change.



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