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[r1077] (HEAD) by thomas_-_s

website: Some small textual and link update.

2012-01-02 20:11:35 Tree
[r1076] by thomas_-_s

pad.xml: Changed the SF download link in order to have less redirects.

2012-01-02 20:10:25 Tree
[r1075] by thomas_-_s

website: Updated two links.

2012-01-01 17:29:36 Tree
[r1074] by thomas_-_s

Fixed faulty sentence in changelog.

2012-01-01 16:13:41 Tree
[r1073] by thomas_-_s

Fixed faulty sentence in changelog.

2012-01-01 16:13:16 Tree
[r1072] by thomas_-_s

Changed the copyright date within the code files to 2012.

2012-01-01 15:57:45 Tree
[r1071] by thomas_-_s

website: Updated the feature description, version and release date. Added the news for the new version and updated the pad file.

2012-01-01 15:34:02 Tree
[r1070] by thomas_-_s

Updated the version and release date.

2012-01-01 15:30:46 Tree
[r1069] by thomas_-_s

debian/changelog: Added the changelog for version 1.2.0

2012-01-01 15:29:29 Tree
[r1068] by thomas_-_s

AboutDialog: Corrected the alphabetical indenter order.

2012-01-01 15:28:38 Tree
[r1067] by thomas_-_s

debian/control: Added info about the newly supported indenters and did some spelling corrections.

2012-01-01 15:26:58 Tree
[r1066] by thomas_-_s

Changelog and readme: Added info about the two newly supported indenters.

2012-01-01 15:25:40 Tree
[r1065] by thomas_-_s Small clean up.

2012-01-01 15:24:42 Tree
[r1064] by thomas_-_s Enhanced the environment settings output. Copying the qt_menu.nib to the Mac bundle. Added the to be copied indenters phpCB, psti and vbsbeau. Removed the no longer needed cygwin dll and On Windows copying the needed Qt dlls to the application path.

2011-12-29 14:53:54 Tree
[r1063] by thomas_-_s

Cleaned up and corrected the qmake project file a bit.

2011-12-29 14:46:26 Tree
[r1062] by thomas_-_s

Avoid some unused parameter and unused variable warnings.

2011-12-29 10:45:49 Tree
[r1061] by thomas_-_s

QSharedPointer does not work using forward declarations causing crashes. Therefore including "UiGuiSettings.h".

2011-12-29 10:44:46 Tree
[r1060] by thomas_-_s

Added a batch script helping me to keep the deployment process mostly equal for all platforms.

2011-12-29 09:31:30 Tree
[r1059] by thomas_-_s

Added missing quotes and backslash to the VBS Beautifier helper batch file.

2011-12-28 22:53:35 Tree
[r1058] by thomas_-_s

createXcodeProject: Added some deploy notes.

2011-12-27 15:39:08 Tree
[r1057] by thomas_-_s

Updated the changelog file to reflect the latest changes.

2011-12-27 13:46:43 Tree
[r1056] by thomas_-_s

Updated the manual link within some of the indenter configuration files.

2011-12-27 13:45:49 Tree
[r1055] by thomas_-_s

Updated the perltidy config file to suit for version 1.74 of perltidy.

2011-12-27 13:44:54 Tree
[r1054] by thomas_-_s

Updated Ruby Script Beautifier to version 2.9.

2011-12-27 13:28:58 Tree
[r1053] by thomas_-_s

Updated the uncrustify ini file to support version 0.59

2011-12-27 10:48:25 Tree
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