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Unishell / News: Recent posts

new specification coming up

Revision 017 of the unishell specification is coming soon (the missing numbers have all been on my computer and i've changed them) so be on the lookout for that. the commands are being moved into a more static state, and once we get those in concrete (or a reasonable facsimile) i'll tackle the rest of the POSIX spec....

Posted by Kevin Lipe 2003-01-10

0.0.7, mailing list

unishell-src v0.0.7 has been released, and sixtyfive has set up a mailing list. You may subscribe to the mailing list at

Posted by Kevin Lipe 2002-11-30

0.0.6 / revision 6 release

three packages have new releases: unishell-src v0.0.6, unishell-win32 v0.0.6d, and the unishell specification revision 6.

Posted by Kevin Lipe 2002-11-29

unishell specification revision 5

revision 5 has just been uploaded to the site... i've created a package just for this specification.

Posted by Kevin Lipe 2002-11-28