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File Date Author Commit
CommonInformationService 2013-06-19 shiraz_79 [r16606] - Fix initialisation of the Web Application; no...
cis 2013-11-22 shiraz_79 [r17421] bumped the pom versions
contributions 2014-05-14 soholl [r18014] Finally solved the problem with the loading of ...
demo-ca 2013-01-07 golbi [r15403] added uvos demo certificate
distributed-storage 2013-12-13 bschuller [r17605] non-snapshot version
documentation 2014-08-28 bjoernh [r18249] many changes
eclipseclient 5 days ago rsaini6 [r18317] fallbackURL could be null
emi 2013-09-26 shiraz_79 [r17105]
gateway 2 hours ago bschuller [r18339] next version
gpe4unicore 2007-06-29 bschuller [r1204] delete obsolete GPE code -> is in GPE SVN now
hila 2014-04-03 bjoernh [r17916] Fix Bug #717: JSDL Job Model maps local imports...
hila-mapreduce 2012-06-20 bjoernh [r13602] Update tests for JUnit 4 and make them run.
idm-facade 2012-11-29 daivandy [r15150]
jsdl-xmlbeans 5 hours ago bschuller [r18334] [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next develop...
metrix 2011-03-30 bschuller [r9620] next iteration
ogsarus 2008-05-21 mri1706 [r3036] Initial import.
optional 2014-02-24 bschuller [r17815] remove dependency on uas-core
persistence 2014-08-25 bschuller [r18241] next version
problemutil 2013-10-15 bschuller [r17212] next iteration
quickstart 2014-07-14 bschuller [r18153] prepare 7.0.3 release
resourceBrokering 2014-01-23 bschuller [r17714] versions; commit listCandidates method already ...
securityFramework 2014-08-03 golbi [r18199] Better handling of fragments, without messing u...
tools 4 days ago bschuller [r18320]
tsi 1 hour ago bschuller [r18340] add lsf build
ucc 6 days ago bschuller [r18313]
uftp 3 days ago bschuller [r18330] prepare 0.1 release
ugsf 2008-05-19 golbi [r3014] added scalability test and fixed divby 0 error ...
unicore-portal 4 days ago mpetrova [r18324] More UI messages managed by Spring MessageProvi...
unicoreParentPOMs 4 days ago bschuller [r18319] allow to define docman version; update tracker URL
unicorex 2014-09-15 bjoernh [r18309] Initial short section about UFTP.
unity 2013-10-23 golbi [r17279] Initial implementation of forms filling.
uvos 2013-09-10 golbi [r17012] use parent with 2.6.0 xmlbeans
web-data-service 2012-11-21 daivandy [r15064]
web-tools 2014-09-02 bschuller [r18261] next version
webclient 2011-12-12 bjoernh [r11973] putting r11956 of webclient back in place
workflow 2014-06-03 bschuller [r18044] store error description in WAObject and add it ...
wsag 2011-08-26 bjoernh [r11040] Braindump and backup
wsrflite 2014-09-10 bschuller [r18292] doc typo; reduce log clutter
xnjs 3 hours ago bschuller [r18335] allow pre/post commands in app definition (SF f...
xuudb 2014-07-15 bschuller [r18159] next version