#18 VT3230 support

Johan Dahlin

This is the beginning of support for VT3230 (K8M890)
for the xorg unichrome driver.

The current status is that it seems to be able to draw
enough to display a gdm login screen. Something is not
working properly in the acceleration initialization so
it's horribly slow, a lot slower than the
vesa driver.

I've tried to port over as much as possible from the
sources released by VIA, but I could not manage to
figure why the 2D acceleration is not properly
initialized. The PDLL code is just copy pasted from
VT3108 since I did not understand that part of the driver.

It's not in a usable state, but it's a beginning.

Information about the PDLL generation gladly accepted,
especially how to port over changes from the driver
released by via.


  • Johan Dahlin
    Johan Dahlin

    initial patch

  • Dorje Py
    Dorje Py

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    I just acquired a ECS K8M890 Motherboard and AMD 64 processor.
    Can I help? Maybe by testing code?

    I am suprised to find that the VT3230 graphics engine of the VIA chipset is not yet supported beyone VESA on any Linux yet.

    In following the VIA thread I understand the company does not understand the Open Source Community. I wonder if I can help there? I am not a coder of drivers or hardwar at this time.

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    could you post an updated patch? (to current git?)