Unichrome X release 29 is out.

This release fixes the following bugs:
- hardlock when returning to VT in certain modes.
- uninitialized Overlaysupported variable (blocking overlay)
- uninitialized colorkey.
- various fixes to V3 video engine.
- 4 accel bugs: blitter should now cover a larger fb area,
foreground colour, 8x8 pattern drawing, monochrome drawing.
- segfault when switching modes in drmless case.

This release includes a lot of cleanups and finally brings the driver below 1MB. (from 1027 to 984kB)

The "ActiveDevice" option is now handled sanely, please check the manpage.

Code contributors: Thomas Hellstrm, Felipe Rodriguez, Andreas Robinson, Luc Verhaegen, "YT"

Happy Newyear from the unichrome developers!

Posted by Luc Verhaegen 2004-12-31