No 3D or OpenGl with Unichrome and SUSE9.2

  • Mik

    I get a message saying that 3D or OpenGL is not available when I use YAST to change my driver from Vesa to CLE3122 or CLE3022 which I hope is the proper driver for this Unichrome VGA in my Averatec 3225HS laptop.

    How can I turn on 3D and OpenGL please?

    Oh, and I have turned to SUSE9.2 because Debian, Mandrake, Fedora FC3 all had various problems. I had already posted here as NOBODY asking for help installing on Debian so please ignore those earlier posts.

    • Hi Mik,

      I'm a few steps ahead of you but you will have to download and build the XFree86 4.4.0 base line. Then you need to add the Unichrome drivers. Here is a link to explain the process

      Good luck, mine still is not working