viaXvMC.c compile error

  • Hi,
    I downloaded the xorg-unichrome-6.7.0-r20.ebuild and updated the it to libviaXvMC-0.13.3 (previous libviaXvMC-0.9.3). After emerge ... I got the following compile error:
    viaXvMC.c: In Function releaseDecoder:
    vixXvMC.c:113: error: structure has no member named 'func'
    viaXvMC.c: In Function grabDecoder:
    viaXvMC.c:168: error: structure has no member named 'func'

    Wrong libviaXvMC version? What version I should use?

    Regards Andreas

    • Hi!
      You will need a later version of xorg-unichrome. At least r27.