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PAL TV modes?

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson

    I'm trying to get a nice picture from my EPIA M-II 10000 on my widescreen Sony TV, connected by S-Video and using a PAL signal. I can get 720x576 to work, but neither 768x576 nor 1024x768 will work.

    Xorg.log shows:
    (II) VIA(0): Mode "768x576" not supported by driver.
    (II) VIA(0): Not using mode "768x576" (unknown reason)
    (II) VIA(0): Mode "1024x576" not supported by TV encoder.
    (II) VIA(0): Not using mode "1024x576" (unknown reason)

    My modelines are:
            Modeline     "720x576" 27.75 720 742 808 888  576 580 583 625 -hsync -vsync
            Modeline     "768x576" 29.5  768 789 858 944  576 580 583 625 -hsync -vsync
            Modeline     "1024x576" 43.5 1024 1127 1231 1392 576 577 580 625 -hsync -vsync
    I got the first two from http://itdp.fh-biergarten.de/mplayer-dev-eng/2003-06/msg00088.html and the last from http://forums.dvbowners.com/index.php?showtopic=631

    I'd quite like 768x576 so I can get square pixels when the TV's in 4:3 mode, but I'd most like 1024x576 for widescreen use. With the TV not connected, I get 1024x576 just fine on my monitor. With the TV connected, 720x576 doesn't show on the monitor, but shows OK on the TV.

    I note that http://www.shipmail.org/~thomas/via/ says "includes ... Luc's fix for 1024x576 mode". Is that fix included in the current (r27) unichrome driver?

    Is there any chance I'll ever get 1024x576 on my TV? Anybody got any ideas?