uniCenta oPOS in your browser

Have had many requests to get uniCenta oPOS to run in a Browser; for the Desktop; Tablet and Smartphone or as an actual On Device Application.
I looked at Openbravo POS simple PDA app' some time back but it was woefully inadequate to be useful and discarded it. Since then I've been searching for a solution and I'm pleased to say; I have potentially found one!

As you know uniCenta oPOS is written in Java and taking the Android route - it's reasonably close to the Java Desktop version to be a viable port - would mean crafting another version for Browsers and yet another for Apple's iOS & etc... Simply not a practical proposition to port it across each platform down to technical, cost, time and resource challenges.

It's early days and only a Proof Of Concept at this stage, but it does cross the OS and platform limitations and even, potentially, means uniCenta oPOS can be hosted in the Cloud as an app' in itself.

It won't be a cut down version either, though there will be a few limitations due to capabilities of device, OS and Browser functionality differences, and will be as close as is possible to the current uniCenta oPOS app.

Can you imagine? Full-on uniCenta oPOS power - mobile and in your hand!

Keep hooked into this News spot for updates.

I'm looking for Sponsorship and/or Funding to drive this project through its three stages:

1. Proof Of Concept
2. Beta
3. Release

Sponsorship and Funding Contributors will get early access to (pre-release) development and project progress; prominently shown on www.unicenta.com Special Projects page (yet to be built); and will receive Source Code, a la current uniCenta oPOS model, plus varying degrees of other collateral depending on value of contribution after public release.

If you're interested get in touch; jackg[at]unicenta.com


Posted by uniCenta 2013-11-05