Since my last uniCenta oPOS release, back in December 2012, I've been busy as Managing Director of a digital image CDN startup... which meant not a lot of time was spent here. I'm guessing you noticed..., if you didn't... I'm upset! :-)

I'm pleased to say that the new start-up is launched, on its way and now things have settled down I'm now able to spend more time catching up and mixing it with you guys once again.

I do have to say "Hats off" to John L and Chris J - two bright shining stars in my opinion - who have contributed so much to the forums and development over the last 8 months.
I want to say a Big Thanks to you both, in fact we all should, though I recognise it's small praise for such a massive contribution you've made.
Guys, if you're ever in London, let me know and I'll buy you a beer (or two).


Posted by uniCenta 2013-08-30