Update - v3.02

uniCenta oPOS v3.02 will be released 30 Nov 2012

Bug Fix: Roles - Remove duplicate categorysales.bs - causing "...permissions issue with i.e.; Category Sales "
Bug Fix: Consolidate Receipt - Only valid for sales line with a ProductID
Bug Fix: Printer.Ticket - Removed #else and corrected Table name ${place}
Bug Fix: Printer.TicketPreview - Removed #else and corrected Table name ${place}
Bug Fix: JPanelTicket - Last ticket line delete now refresh of SubTotal?Taxes/Total
Bug Fix: JPanelTicket - Clear last sales transaction detail after settlement
Bug Fix: EditorKeys - Restore ability to use Keyboard
Bug Fix: script.Refundit - Doesn't restore Find and Edit ticket line buttons
Bug Fix: Menu.Root - Sales Report options
Bug Fix: Payment Gateway: Misspelling First Data corrected

Enhancement: PaymentModel - add new Category's method
Enhancement: Print.PartialCash - add Category section
Enhancement: Hide pop-out Menu on Start-up
Enhancement: Product - Add Button Tab for HTML tags for multiline, color, font & etc
Enhancement: Product - Optimise General Tab Layout
Enhancement: Product - Move Image to new Image Tab

...with a few others fixes/enhancements



Posted by uniCenta 2012-11-26