uniCenta oPOS v2.4

uniCenta oPOS version 2.4 will be available end of May.
This new version still includes the ability to run on Partner Tech PT6200 All-In-One POS terminal, and its 800x600 resolution screen support, as well as rest of Partner Tech PT62nn All-In-One range. uniCenta oPOS has now successfully been tested on an extended range of Touchscreen terminals:
1. All of Partnter Tech range inc' EM-200 tablet
2. Aures
3. IBM
4. Epson
5. J2
6. Toshiba
6. ...others W.I.P.

Application Changes include:
1. Removal of Administrator PIN from Default install
2. Supports up to 6 COM Ports for both Win & Linux - up from 4
3. Revisions of all forms to comfortably fit 800x600 upwards
4. Language Localisation to UK English
5 ...more will be added by Release Date

Posted by uniCenta 2010-05-22