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uniCenta oPOS. What's it all about?


I'm prompted to write this post because seemingly some people "Just don't get it".
So, I want to share my "thoughts" as to why uniCenta oPOS exists and why this forum is here.

This is a FREE forum.

It's a place that really belongs to all you guys - the enthusiast, users of uniCenta oPOS and any one else who cares to come along.
I want it to be a place where new members are made to feel welcome, be there to help each other, share ideas, solve issues and even your code wherevever you can.
This is my idea of what this community and forum is all about.... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2014-08-18

Linux & Mac OS X users

uniCenta oPOS has always been x-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and still is.

Installers for uniCenta oPOS 3.60 for Linux and Mac OS X users have not been available due to a couple of issues.

Linux and Mac OS X can now, once again, enjoy uniCenta oPOS with latest 3.70 version as a completely self-contained .zip is now available.
Go here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unicentaopos/files/app/binaries%28no%20installer%29/... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2014-07-24

Moderation and Redaction


I was approached directly and asked to resolve a spat going on in a forum thread by a uniCenta oPOS user. I posted but have now deleted as in hindsight it was not the right thing for me to do.
These are your forums and my involvment should be minimal and kept to moderation, guidance and comment.

Apologies for that.


Posted by uniCenta 2014-06-15

Italian Language pack update

Update: langpack italian R370
Author: Angelo Rizzo
Date: 1 June 2014

pos_messages_it traslation "message.DBDefault"

Release Note RN_360.txt

Release Note RN_370.txt
report:barcodesheet_messages_it (added)
report:invalidcategory_messages_it (added) report:newproducts_messages_it

Posted by uniCenta 2014-06-02

It's a bit naughty....


uniCenta oPOS has recently attracted some less than welcome participants both inside and outside of - sending me emails directly - the forums.
I guess "they" just don't "get" what uniCenta oPOS is or they want to be deliberately malicious for whatever reason.

Here's my message to "THEM"
uniCenta oPOS is my own derived work from Openbravo POS.
It is free and open source and is a project I have worked on since 2010, developed entirely alone and contributed to it with my own knowledge, time and money.
It still is. ... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2014-05-26

v3.70 released!

Took longer than usual couple of weeks after a GA (as if you hadn't noticed) and here's the reason:
Decided to fix the newly introduced reports as well as added some more Enhancements + included a few tidy-ups/changes here and there.

Full v3.70 Source code is available here on Sourceforge too!


Posted by uniCenta 2014-05-12

uniCenta oPOS v3.60 Released!

Letting you all know

uniCenta oPOS v3.60 released today!

Over 50 fixes and enhancements.


Posted by uniCenta 2014-04-06


Linux .sh scripts updated.

configure.sh and start.sh

These should replace those included in the installer.
Versions 3.50 through to 3.56 inclusive


Posted by uniCenta 2014-03-09

Next release - pushed back

Next uniCenta oPOS version release has been pushed back a couple of weeks due to lack time to complete.


Posted by uniCenta 2014-03-08

Updated language locales

I have updated the app/locale folder with the latest locale files

The folder contains all 14 languages - you just need to know many are complete but some still need work.

It includes and additional language - Italian
Big thanks to Angelo Rizzo for the translation

It includes an update - Spanish
Big thanks to you too Mateu

And don't forget - it's easy to change the currency graphics on the Payment form. Look in the Bonus\Images\Currency in your uniCenta oPOS installation folder... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2014-02-01

Calling all Dealers/Resellers/Partners


Sourceforge have just contacted me and they are offering a new feature which I may consider adding to the uniCenta oPOS Project here.

They say the new feature is targeted to attract Enterprise level clients and lets me include a list of Partners along with their Contact Details.

This is a great opportunity to further accelerate the acceptance of open-source app's into the commercial space as well as attract commercial prospects for you in your Region.... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2013-12-23

Seasons Greetings

All I want to say is that I wish you and your loved ones

A Very Merry Christmas


A Happy and Prosperous New Year


Posted by uniCenta 2013-12-22

uniCenta oPOS v3.56

Want to let you know am Uploading uniCenta oPOS v3.56 today 2 December 2013

This version fixes many of the bugs listed in the Bugs tickets list here in the Sourceforge project forum as well as a few others that have surfaced since release of v3.55
There are also a handful of enhancments - mainly minor cosmetic things.

As usual, if you find a bug then please make sure you create a ticket in the Bugs section.... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2013-12-02

uniCenta oPOS in your browser

Have had many requests to get uniCenta oPOS to run in a Browser; for the Desktop; Tablet and Smartphone or as an actual On Device Application.
I looked at Openbravo POS simple PDA app' some time back but it was woefully inadequate to be useful and discarded it. Since then I've been searching for a solution and I'm pleased to say; I have potentially found one!

As you know uniCenta oPOS is written in Java and taking the Android route - it's reasonably close to the Java Desktop version to be a viable port - would mean crafting another version for Browsers and yet another for Apple's iOS & etc... Simply not a practical proposition to port it across each platform down to technical, cost, time and resource challenges.... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2013-11-05

v3..55 2nd Upload atttempt

Seems the v3.55 upload yesteray (Sat 26th Oct) did not complete although I saw 100% in the Sourceforge Uploader, so here is my second attempt.
Looks to be all there now. And have downloaded and installed. Let me know if you still have any issues.

Sun 27th Oct - 17:20 GMT

Posted by uniCenta 2013-10-27

Latest version 3.55 Released

Version 3.55 is out and ready for you to download.

Let's face it v3.50 was a bit of a mess - it had one major bug that really screwed what was other than that a good release and, when I tell you it was only one line of code consisting of just 15 words that was the culprit, and took hours & hours to find... argh!

Anyways, a whole bunch of other fixes now thrown in for you too.

Job Done.


Posted by uniCenta 2013-10-27



You've probably noticed I'm spending more time going through the forums in an effort to answer some of the posts (mainly the most recent at the moment).

Letting you know; I'm going to go through each over the next week or so and tidy up those posts which I feel are mis-posted as a starter... then move on to responding to the older posts.
I'm doing this so I have a tidy set of data to transfer into a more Topic orientated KnowledgeBase-cum-forum repository and I want to start as we mean to go on.... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2013-10-16

Changes @ uniCenta


Last week I mentioned there would be some up-and-coming changes to uniCenta.

The gist of the change is that I've decided to devote full-time effort to uniCenta and take uniCenta and uniCenta oPOS to the next level.

Keep hooked-in. I'll keep you updated


Posted by uniCenta 2013-10-14

Version 3.50 Uploaded and ready for you!

I know it's been a long wait since the last release, but v3.50 is finally here and ready for you.

John L's changes (thanks for your efforts John L and everyone else who has contributed in the forums!) have been wrapped into this version.

For those of you who are still waiting on some long (and not so long) changes you'll find some of those in this version (read the readme file - always a good idea).... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2013-10-08

Digital Receipt


Often asked for integrating uniCenta oPOS with eCommerce systems - OpenCart is a popular request - and letting you know we are getting closer completing Beta of our first external app' using web services to connect with uniCenta oPOS.
The app' is a digital receipt and all that is required is a quick install and a tweak to the uniCenta oPOS Printer.Ticket script and start batch files.

Of course, it's still early days and I won't say too much, too soon other than to say this first app' signals our move towards opening up uniCenta oPOS to the Cloud and especially to the likes of external eCommerce, and other, systems.... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2013-09-19

v3.50 Beta - Uploaded

For all those who have been waiting.

v3.50 Beta - Uploaded and ready for you to play with.

Windows Only!


Posted by uniCenta 2013-08-31

v3.50 Beta - Up-coming changes Preview

uniCenta oPOS v3.50 - Beta
Due for Release: 31 August 2013

This is Beta. DO NOT USE in a live production environment

Known Issues
1. uniCenta oPOS requires a correctly installed Java runtime(JRE) version 1.7
2. uniCenta oPOS v3.50 will not run on Macs from OSX 10.6 (Apple's Java limitation).
3. Apple OSX Mountain Lion

v3.50 - Beta
1. Inclusion of John L's enhancements and Bug fixes - see separate documents in
John L version.zip file. ... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2013-08-31


Since my last uniCenta oPOS release, back in December 2012, I've been busy as Managing Director of a digital image CDN startup... which meant not a lot of time was spent here. I'm guessing you noticed..., if you didn't... I'm upset! :-)

I'm pleased to say that the new start-up is launched, on its way and now things have settled down I'm now able to spend more time catching up and mixing it with you guys once again.... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2013-08-30

To all you guys!

2012 is nearly over and I want to say how grateful I am to everyone who has Downloaded, Installed, Toyed with, even those who have totally Binned, and use uniCenta oPOS.

But it's to those who have selflessly given their time, knowledge and effort (You know who you are!) to help and guide others in these forums that I want, most of all, to give my personal and very big thanks (here it is)


... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2012-12-28

uniCenta oPOS Performance

From time-to-time I'm asked about the performance and scalability of uniCenta oPOS which is often difficult to answer because there are so many variables, so I'm constantly on the look-out for anything that can give me a heads-up.

I found this topic by Justin Buist in one of the Openbravo forums and decided it's definitely worth sharing and I think you'll find his results are quite amazing!

p.s. here's the link if you want to go visit the original post: http://forge.openbravo.com/projects/openbravopos/forum/viewtopic.php?f=434920&t=7026585&sid=bbb58b07f5e515f50257086752622925... read more

Posted by uniCenta 2012-12-24