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Read Me

NOTE: this information and top-level files are obsolete, cd to src/unetbootin for source, build instructions are at


This is the source bzr branch for UNetbootin.

It is hosted at

It was formerly hosted at

Launchpad page is at

Homepage is at


Licensed under the GNU GPL v2 and above, copyright Geza Kovacs ( and


Thanks to UNetbootin's portable architecture, it is easy to add support for other distributions. If you would like to create UNetbootin packages for other distributions, first make sure you have installed the "bzr", "alien", "fakeroot", and "wine" utilities, which are installable through your package manager.

Then add the name of the distribution, referred to here as {distroname}, into the file "targetdistros" in the checked-out source, add the netboot initrd and kernel, with the naming scheme "ubninit-{distroname}" and "ubnkern-{distroname}" into the "initkern" folder, then cd to the source directory.

To make all distributions (list is located in targetdistros), use the command:


To make only a single distribution, use the command:

./build distro {distroname}

Then, the "exe", "deb", "rpm", and "sh" packages for distribution will be created in the "dist" directory.