#100 add stats header reply to STATS describing what is shown

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With the exception of STATS l/v, and some STATS showing some more text (e.g. STATS x), most of the STATS output is not at all obvious what is being shown. Even for someone like me, who is a bit into ircd commands, and how the ircd works, I often have to think really hard or look at the source to figure out what most of the STATS output is exactly showing. I think it would make life of opers lots easier by adding a header reply to STATS output, which shows what each part means, just like STATS l/v. Use a new numeric reply (also for STATS l/v, for consitency), or do like STATS l/v and use the stats type reply.

For example:
-> ircu.wiebe.netsplit.net STATS y
<- :ircu.wiebe.netsplit.net xxx wiebe Y ConnClass PingFreq ConnFreq MaxLinks MaxSendQ Links
<- :ircu.wiebe.netsplit.net 218 wiebe Y default 120 600 1 40000 0
<- :ircu.wiebe.netsplit.net 218 wiebe Y lopers 90 0 1024 1600000 0
<- :ircu.wiebe.netsplit.net 218 wiebe Y opers 90 0 1024 1600000 1
<- :ircu.wiebe.netsplit.net 218 wiebe Y users 90 0 1024 160000 1
<- :ircu.wiebe.netsplit.net 218 wiebe Y servers 90 300 0 90000000 1
<- :ircu.wiebe.netsplit.net 219 wiebe y :End of /STATS report