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#75 Create XMLBIF 0.7 for Conditional Probability Script

I/O (7)

Add script feature, like in Netica, to allow more expressive definition of CPTs. Eventually we are going to expand that to MEBN LPDs.


  • Create XMLBIF 0.7 for loading/saving Conditional Probability Script. In essence, it is just going to add a distribution choice that has a script (string) associated to it.

  • Created and added plugin for xmlbif version 0.7 into SVN.
    However, it still needs to be seen how this will integrate with current method for laoding/saving xml files in UnBBayes today. There is a need to change the xmlbif core to accept new versions.

  • Corrected the version of the core plugin being used. The version 1.0.0 did not have the name property for the PNIO extension point. This was the reason for not loading the IO plugins.

  • Added dependency to cps plugin.

  • Fixed the version of the xsd being used.