--serial (with sierra ac850)

  • vizzy


    at first, umtsmon really rocks - when using it with the nozomi module and my option card, everything is fine (dev noz).

    but when i change cards and use my sierra aircard 850umtsmon took a  long time to start up.
    i checked via verbose mode.
    i set option -serial /dev/ttyS1,/dev/ttyS1 to umtsmon and set verbosity to 3, but when looking at the output, it searches for all serial devices (the -help option says it should not search for ports),
    i see it querying ttyS0, ttyS1, rfcomm0 etc (which is something completely different than my sierra card and should not be touched! )
    finally it comes up after a few minutes dont finding my sierra card. (no card found)
    (and yes ;-) serial_cs module is loaded, minicom can connect to card and it works nice)

    is there a solution to this?

    thanks in advance

  • vizzy

    ps: using umtsmon 0.9 and the new 0.10 alpha

  • Klaas van Gend
    Klaas van Gend

    If you want to change between cards, I recommend you supply the -force-autodetection option on the command line.
    But if you do not specify that and specify other options, it shouldn't take forever to realise that it cannot connect.

    So, I'm a bit at a loss on what's happening here…
    Unfortunately, umtsmon is a dead project - it won't see any new updates…