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Demasiado Inestable - No carga todos los vide

  • Mejor VLCplayer

  • opino exactamente =,  cualkiera diria q lo izo creative

  • cuando reprodujo videos, salieron flechas por toda la pantalla, gracias.

  • Ori Rejwan
    Ori Rejwan

    Sorry guys, but none of us speak Portuguese (at least I think you've written in Portuguese). Please communicate in English or we won't be able to understand you :(

    Thanks in advance

  • They have written in Español(Spanish). They (1 & 2) say that the player don't load all the videos, and they prefer VLC media player. 3 say "when playing videos arrows appear all over the screen, thanks". I also think so.

  • Ori Rejwan
    Ori Rejwan

    Thanks for the translation, sorry they didn't like the player, and we'll try to make it better!

  • Hi Guy,
    I developement by KDu Linux, and this run in portuguese true…..use package umplayer-translation…..I can send for you want….