Would not play videos

  • Thought I would try it out, but did not play videos.  I only tried local videos that work on my other players.
    I uninstalled before trying other features. Oops

    I do like the way the program looks.

  • Very odd behavior, I wish you could provide me with more information (like which version have you tried, what OS and hardware configuration are you running, and a log dump would have been awesome) that would allow us to investigate this problem.

  • Working great on seven but showing no picture on xp. Going to re-install.

  • Ori Rejwan
    Ori Rejwan

    Please let me know if the problem persists and we'll try to fix it.


  • Yes, at my Windows 7 UMplayer not playing video at all. I tried many formats, tried to reinstall, but nothing changes.
    When I open video from UMPlayer, it has no activity at all, just stand like I did not open any file.

  • Ori Rejwan
    Ori Rejwan

    Very very odd, I personally run Windows 7 and have tested UMP on a dozen other Windows 7 machines and none of them exhibited the same kind of behavior you're describing. Can you please provide us with more information so we would be able to debug the problem? If so please do the following:

    1. Open UMP
    2. Try to play any video file
    3. Select the Options -> View logs -> MPlayer
    4. Copy the MPlayer log and post it back here
    5. Do the same with the UMPlayer log (Options -> view logs -> UMPlayer, copy & paste)

    Thanks in advance!