Black is not black & audio out of sy...

  • Had a few issues with this player. One of the biggest problems was that black wasnt really black, but more greyish tone like vlc is at default. However in VLC you can change the settings so that black do become black, unlike in this player, where i could find no such setting. Second biggest problem was that in many files, the audio was out of sync. This did not happend in other mediaplayers with the same files. The youtube support is not very good when it comes to finding videoes (browsing) you want to watch and it doesnt appear to show a buffer overlay on the progressbar either. The preferences menu was very messy as well, and alot of setting that is available in other players is not there like not to open a second player when wanting to play a different file. And a personal opinion is why make a completely new player insead of trying to improve the good ones that are already out there. Imagine if everyone put their effort into just one player - trying to reach perfection :p