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UMMF - Universal Meta-Model Framework / News: Recent posts

UMMF is now "Universal Meta-Model Framework"

The true scope of this project is being realized!

Multiple meta-models are supported in release 1.x.

Posted by Kurt Stephens 2006-11-11

SVN Conversion Complete!

SVN is now golden!

CVS is dead, long live SVN!

Posted by Kurt Stephens 2006-11-11

CVS to SVN Conversion In Progress

CVS is being migrated to SVN tonight.

Do not check into CVS.

Posted by Kurt Stephens 2006-11-11

CVS 1.0 branch is dead, 1.1 branch is golden

The 1.0 CVS branch is dead and the 1.1 branch is live, but problems at sourceforge are preventing me from CVS check-ins and releases.

Expect a new 1.1 release soon:

* Better namespace structure to support multiple meta-models
* XMI Export enhancements

See the wiki for more details.

Posted by Kurt Stephens 2006-05-11

New UMMF Wiki!

There is a new wiki for UMMF at:


Posted by Kurt Stephens 2006-05-11

UMMF is now beta!

UMMF is generating stable, production quality Perl code.

Posted by Kurt Stephens 2004-04-20

Any UMMF users out there?

Join ummf-users mailing list!

Posted by Kurt Stephens 2004-04-07

First sourceforge release.

See ummf-0.08-20030515.tar.gz

Posted by Kurt Stephens 2003-05-18