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Greetings And Salutations

I will be your new project maintainer / lead developer, my name is Halo. I am in the process of getting everything set up on my own server, The new URL of the project site will be http://uma.halosrealm.com and that will be the main point of info for the project followed by this sourceforge page.

Posted by Halo 2004-11-24

Developer needed to take over this project

I no longer have the time/desire to continue development of this project. There are a lot of people who really dig UMA and I would love it if someone wanted to continue to develop this application.

Posted by Keith Vance 2004-11-22

UMA 1.0.4 Released

Minor improvements to the MySQL code.

Posted by Keith Vance 2003-05-27

UMA 1.0.3 Released

1.0.3 is available for download. Improvements have been made to the MySQL core class.

Posted by Keith Vance 2003-05-20